Information Intelligence

Empower Your Applications with Structured and Machine-readable information API’s
iContent deduplicates and tags information into a steady API’s of machine-readable business and industry-relevant information.
Our approach of adding machine learning technology with AI curation has a good record of delivering de-duplicated, enriched, and actionable business and industry data insights
We deliver Ready To Consume information intelligence API’s

Data Science

Structured news data-as-a-service

Historical and real-time information and insights for analytics and data modelling.
Analyse real-time and historical insights to build, validate, and inform data models and pipelines.
We monitor millions of information feeds in real time to give you an enriched and flexible data sourcing. With our Data API you can easily search, analyze, and leverage enriched information in your modeling processes.

Market & Media Intelligence

Use the power of Machine Readable AI for complete monitoring of the media industry
Analyse, Monitor and measure media reaction to markets, developing topics, and global events
Effective Media & Marketing Intelligence requires extensive and trusted information sourcing. Our machine readable insights ensure your monitoring processes cover global stories and events while also catching local threats or opportunities through a variety of content types, languages, and geographical regions.

Risk Intelligence

Analyse the world’s information to better understand and mitigate risk
AI powered, Accurate and effective information data to augment risk AI based monitoring processes and models.
Risk Intelligence has forever depended on individual human experience. Our comprehensive coverage & filtration of trusted information content empowers organizations to conveniently catch long-tail coverage risks and opportunities with a variety of content types, languages, and geographical regions.

Custom Integration - Direct To Web / App

Fully configurable & integrated dashboard, to give your analysts / clients a snapshot of your markets, competitors, or industry verticals..
A centralised intelligence AI hub to bring your entire organisation centralized together
Notify decision makers, stakeholders and your teams with mission-critical updates.

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